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The purpose of this site is to allow yards to search for recalls RAS is actively recovering. Please check back often, as new recalls and VINs are frequently added.
Rebuilders Automotive Supply serves as an exclusive buyback partner for certain recalled airbag inflators. The population of VINs included in our buyback program is limited to those currently authorized for purchase by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our website is reflective of all the current authorized VINs and will be updated as additional recalled VINs are authorized for buyback by the OEM.
Please use the search provided below to validate your recall.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-829-1553 x160.
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Command item
Recall NameRecall ItemVehicle ListPrice RangeRecall Info
Honda AirbagDriver Inflator, Passenger Inflator
2003-08 Pilot (Driver)2002-04 Odyssey (Passenger)2003-13 Pilot (Passenger)2007-14 Fit (Passenger)2010-13 ZDX (Passenger)
2001-07 Accord (Driver)2002-11 CR-V (Driver)2006-14 Ridgeline (Driver)2003-11 Element (Passenger)2003 CL (Driver)
2003-06 MDX (Driver)2007-16 RDX (Driver)2009-14 Fit (Driver)2010-13 ZDX (Driver)2010-14 Insight (Driver)
2001-11 Civic (Passenger)2002-11 CR-V (Passenger)2003-12 Accord (Passenger)2005-12 RL (Passenger)2006-14 Ridgeline (Passenger)
2001-05 Civic (Driver)2002-04 Odyssey (Driver)2002-14 TL (Driver)2003-11 Element (Driver)2005-12 RL (Driver)
2011-15 CR-Z (Driver)2013-16 ILX (Driver)2003-06 MDX (Passenger)2006-09 CSX (Passenger)2009-13 TSX (Passenger)
2010-11 Accord Crosstour (Passenger)2010-12 Insight (Passenger)2012-13 Crosstour (Passenger)
$55 - $60
GM AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
2007-08 Silverado 2500 HD (Passenger)2007-08 Silverado 3500 HD (Passenger)2008-09 Astra (Driver)2003-07 Vibe (Passenger)2005 9-2X (Passenger)
2006-09 9-5 (Driver)2007-08 Sierra 2500 HD (Passenger)2007-08 Sierra 3500 HD (Passenger)2006-11 9-3 (Driver)
$55 - $60
Subaru AirbagPassenger Inflator
2006-14 Tribeca (Passenger)2003-06 Baja (Passenger)2003-14 Legacy (Passenger)2006-13 WRX (Passenger)2009-13 Forester (Passenger)
2003-14 Outback (Passenger)2004-14 Impreza (Passenger)2006-07 B9 Tribeca (Passenger)
Mazda AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
2004-09 B4000 (Passenger)2004-06 B3000 (Driver)2003-13 6 (Passenger)2004-06 MPV (Passenger)2004-11 RX-8 (Passenger)
2005 B-Series (Passenger)2007-12 CX-7 (Passenger)2007-15 CX-9 (Passenger)2004-06 B4000 (Driver)2004-08 RX-8 (Driver)
2003-08 6 (Driver)2004-06 B2300 (Driver)2005 B-Series (Driver)2004-07 B3000 (Passenger)2004-09 B2300 (Passenger)
$55 - $60
Toyota AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
2003-06 Tundra (Passenger)2007-12 ES350 (Passenger)2010-12 GX460 (Passenger)2011-12 Sienna (Passenger)2003-12 Corolla (Passenger)
2006-12 IS350 (Passenger)2008-12 IS F (Passenger)2002-07 Sequoia (Passenger)2002-10 SC430 (Passenger)2006-12 IS250 (Passenger)
2004-05 RAV4 (Driver)2003-12 Matrix (Passenger)2007-12 Yaris (Passenger)2008-12 xB (Passenger)2010-12 4Runner (Passenger)
$55 - $60
Mitsubishi AirbagPassenger Inflator, Driver Inflator
2006-09 Raider (Passenger)2006-09 Raider (Driver)2012 i-MiEV (Passenger)2004-07 Lancer (Passenger)
$55 - $60
Jaguar Land Rover AirbagPassenger Inflator
2009-15 XF (Passenger)2013-15 XFR-S (Passenger)2007-12 Range Rover (Passenger)2010-15 XFR (Passenger)
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If you are shipping more than 1 airbag please follow the LTL shipping instructions
If you are only shipping 1 airbag please follow the FedEx shipping instructions.
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